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Compliance Science sole purpose is for managing and maintaining management systems such as health & safety, quality and environment to demonstrate compliance, due diligence, and withstand the rigorous audit processes.


    Compliance Science is focused on helping you maintain compliance and improve performance in seconds. Making and maintaining 100% compliance achievable with significantly less effort than traditional methods.

    Update your system your way. Our comprehensive security structure allows you to configure the roles and responsibilities of any user in the system.

    Dashboard to action is a proprietary process within Compliance Science that makes reporting and system update virtually seamless. Dozens of time saving features that allow this product to pay for itself in weeks.

    You are given access to all organizations of any size.  Our cloud based system allows each organization to save tens of thousands of dollars without having to dilute the value of this product regardless of our company size!

Wherever you need it. When you need it.

Compliance Science has been customized for any platform, whether in the office or on a work site, you can get what you need. Learn more below about what makes Compliance Science the most advanced management tool for business compliance

  • Cassandra Brouwer – Health & Safety Officer, Red Sun Farms

    “Compliance Science is a great tool to really get employees to benefit from company training. I can communicate with employees and other facilities across Canada and the US by posting Company messages. It’s an added benefit to the employer because its really time effective and provides a uniform understanding and training program to all employees regardless of country or location to ensure that no matter where you go they will have received the same basic training.”