What is Compliance Science?


With Compliance Science, the word ‘compliance’ will come up a lot. It’s what our company is based around, and it is what we offer to companies around North America. However, many people don’t quite understand the meaning of ‘compliance’ and how it can benefit a brand in many different ways. Today our goal is to put that confusion to rest.

Today we will be teaching the definition of compliance. We will be discussing what it means, why it’s important and how it relates to everyday business management. This will give a better understanding to compliance, and will hopefully encourage you to take the necessary steps to getting your business 100% compliant.

What Is Compliance?

Compliance is defined as follows: “Compliance is either a state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications, or the process of becoming so. Software, for example, may be developed in compliance with specifications created by a standards body, and then deployed by user organizations in compliance with a vendor’s licensing agreement. The definition of compliance can also encompass efforts to ensure that organizations are abiding by both industry regulations and government legislation.” (http://searchdatamanagement.techtarget.com/definition/compliance)

In simpler terms, compliance is the ability to work under a set of rules or regulations. It means that you’re doing only what you are trained to do – and doing it properly. Compliance is doing your job without taking shortcuts, or putting the safety of yourself or others at risk.

Why Compliance Is Important

The most important thing to take note of in this definition is the fact that compliance means encompassing efforts to ensure that organizations are abiding by both industry regulations and government legislations. This is important as it directly effects companies in one key area – health and safety. There are tons of current regulations and legislations that give importance to being up to date with health and safety training in the workplace. Unfortunately, with so many certifications to keep track of, this can be proven difficult.

However, it’s important to be compliant in the workplace, as a workplace without compliance can be extremely detrimental to your business. Without compliance, workers may take shortcuts or use tools that they don’t have proper training for. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations that can result in not just monetary fees – but put people’s safety at risk.

Compliance Science

This is where Compliance Science comes in. Compliance Science provides a platform where all this important information is easily accessible. This includes: risk assessment, training, documents, inspections and incident reporting. What does this mean? It means that Compliance Science is an efficient way of getting your company 100% compliant.

Compliance Science is the perfect tool for managing your organization. By focusing on helping you maintain compliance and improve performance in seconds, Compliance Science ensures that making and maintaining 100% compliance is achievable with significantly less effort than traditional methods. By becoming 100% compliant, you will immediately see improvements in the way your business runs.

Compliance is a state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications. Becoming compliant can ensure that all the rules and regulations in place are being followed, and efficiency and productivity in the workplace will improve as a result. Compliance Science can help ensure that your brand becomes a leader in compliance.

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