Effecting Culture Change Beginning with Health & Safety


What is your first reaction when you hear the words “health and safety”? Many people groan at the very thought of going through the training, and see it as a pointless waste of time. However, this is far from the truth. Health and safety is the beginning to effecting culture change in the workplace.

The direct correlation between workplace safety and workplace culture can be seen in many different companies. That fact is, when a company is safe and are up to date on training people are generally happier. This is because the sense of safety is also a sense of comfort.

What Is a Safety Culture?

A safety culture is a general attitude towards taking the necessary steps to making the workplace a safe place. It’s a culture where management are looked up to, and show respect to their workers on a day-to-day basis. It’s a culture where the commitment to safety is top priority, and the proper steps are taken to make it happen.

A safety culture makes the workplace a better place to be. For example, nothing is worse for morale than a workplace injury. The worst part is, most workplace injuries are due to human error. This means that many workplace injuries are caused due to either not having the proper training, or taking shortcuts.

Creating a Safe Work Environment

Why is health and safety so important in workplace culture? It’s important because being up to date in health and safety training allows people to have the comfort of knowing that they have come together with their coworkers and created a safe work environment. By becoming compliant with health and safety, a trust between leaders and coworkers can be formed.

Creating a safe workplace environment should be every brands first priority. By creating a safe work environment, you’re not only ensuring that people feel safe when they come to work, but you’re also making your workplace compliant. This means that your employees will have the proper training and knowledge of how to do their job properly – without taking shortcuts and putting their safety at risk.

Being a Leader

As a leader, you will be a key player in bringing health and safety compliance into your workplace. It’s important that as the leader, you take the first steps into total compliance. Your workers look up to you as a leader, and keep an eye on what you do. Remember, as a leader you are constantly being observed are extremely influential with your decisions.

A change in culture needs to start somewhere, and it usually starts from the top. While the responsibility of promoting culture change in the workplace may start with management, it will eventually trickle down to each individual. Soon, the culture will be adopted by all employees with enthusiasm and compliance.

Becoming compliant with health and safety training can quickly change the culture of a workplace. By stepping up as a leader to create a safe work environment, effecting culture change in the workplace can happen quickly and efficiently. Remember – effecting culture change begins with health and safety.

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