Brand Integrity: Big Data and Compliance


Brand integrity is something that is incredibly important to one’s business, yet is arguably not thought about often enough. But why is brand integrity so important? For that matter, what does brand integrity consist of?

Today we will be showing how Compliance Science is a real world application of big data processing and reporting across the enterprise, and what that means for your business.  Boosting brand integrity can directly result into improved business, both on consumer level and on employee level.

What is Brand Integrity?

Brand integrity is the ability to present one’s brand in an honest wording with proof that backs those words up.  It’s when your brand is both honest and respectable without sacrificing its standards. A brand’s word can make or break it. Integrity is what shows that when your brand says something – it WILL get done.

This is both internal and external. To your customers, this means that your brand is accountable for the information that it gives out. For example – if you own a chain of restaurants, and your marketing team puts out a promotion, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the promotion is upheld throughout the entire chain of restaurants. If even one of your locations doesn’t give out the promotion due to ignorance or neglectfulness, it will damage the entire brand’s integrity.

On the other end of the spectrum, brand integrity also comes into play with how you interact with your employees. It’s important that when it comes to your employees, you show transparency. This means that you show your strong moral principles to your employees by ensuring that you do what you say you’re going to do. If you’re going to implement a new health and safety system – get it done. If you say you’re going to give out Christmas bonuses, ensure that it happens. Integrity not only creates a better workplace atmosphere, but builds a trust between the brand and its employees.

Compliance Science

So where does Compliance Science come in in all of this? Compliance Science is software that will make it easy to boost your brand integrity by creating accessible and precisely organized data. It puts your documents in one place, and allows the ease of accessing information about which training you have, and which training you still need.

By reaching 100% compliance with your company, you are showing integrity. Compliance Science’s sole purpose is for managing and maintaining management systems such as health & safety, quality and environment to demonstrate compliance, due diligence, and withstand the rigorous audit processes. This means that with the contribution of your employees, your team can come together and make your brand 100% compliant.

Brand integrity is an essential part of a brand. Integrity shows that your brand can be trusted both customers and your employees. In this digital age where word travels faster than a jet plane, brand integrity is as important as ever. That’s why you should ensure that you take the necessary steps to boost your brand integrity by utilizing big data processing and compliance.

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