Partnership With Mentor Safety Consultants

At the end of the day, Compliance Science wants to be able to make the workforce a better and safer place. We want to ensure that the occurrence of workplace accidents and injuries are kept to a minimal, and with that thought in mind we take the steps necessary to ensure this vision can be kept possible. That’s why partnering with brilliant companies such as Mentor Safety Consultants makes so much sense.


Who Is Mentor Safety Consultants?

Mentor Safety Consultants has over 60 years of combined workplace safety expertise. Their goal is to provide large or small businesses with a cost-effective professional safety consulting service. Basically, their mission is to offer their clients services which include: safety gap analyses, hazard/risk assessments, assistance with workwell audits, safety standards and to be a safety resource for organizations who need it. Last year alone they trained more than 3,000 people across the province.

They’ve won multiple awards for their expertise and commitment to safety, showing their experience in the field. Their team of experts has international safety exposure from all over the world in the areas of consulting and training safety in a variety of different industries. Their experience mixed with their expertise makes for a great opportunity for Compliance Science.


What This Partnership Means

This partnership isn’t just great for Compliance Science – it’s good for other business’ as well. Partnering up with Mentor Safety Consultants means that there are more resources for a business to access and better means for an all around compliant workplace. In the end, this can change your workplace culture and ensure that your workers are compliant with the health and safety training that they need.

Compliance Science is the perfect tool for managing your organization. It’s a software that that using the cloud allows you to rapidly affect change within a company. By utilizing both Compliance Science and Mentor Safety Consultants, your business can ensure that the employees are not only up to date with their workplace safety training, but also have a knowledge and understanding of its importance due to professional safety consulting.


If you would like to learn more about Compliance Science and Mentor Safety Consultants, check out a great article published in Business London! It talks about the history of both companies, why our partnership is such a good fit, and how it came to be! You can also learn more about at the Compliance Science and Mentor Safety Consultants websites!

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