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About Holy Cross

Holy Cross is a leading child welfare agency in the state of Michigan. They provide foster care services, work with juvenile corrections, and provide treatment for substance abuse and concurring mental health issues.

Holy Cross is a faith-based non-profit organization that has many different sections of the organization dedicated to helping different parts of their community. Holy Cross Services touches approximately 1500 lives every day of children and families in Michigan, who are abused, neglected, abandoned and those who suffer from substance abuse. Plus, Holy Cross Services provides a one-stop community resource center on the east side of Detroit called The Samaritan Center.

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for how well yesterday’s Compliance Science roll out event went.  It was great to see supervisors and managers sitting down with their teams and working with them to understand how to use Compliance Science.  I appreciate all the efforts Springboard Management (and your respective teams) have put into this project.”

Steve Adamczyk, Chief Information Officer & Corporate Compliance Officer, Holy Cross Services