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Cloud Deployment

  • Simplify IT and Drive Organizational Compliance

  • The cloud deployment of Compliance Science reduces IT complexity and allows you to focus on configuring the system to your unique requirements.

  • Simplify IT with cloud, mobile and browser based environment

  • Reduce license and total cost of ownership

  • Secure, safe and rapid deployment

Support For Mobile Devices

  • Access Compliance Science On-the-go

  • Compliance Science is optimized for use on your tablet or smartphone. Our responsive design allows users the ability to search for documents, upload certificates, take online tests and update their compliance requirements from most browsing environments

  • Responsive design

  • Desktop, tablet and smartphone deployment

Risk Assessment

  • Preload templates
  • Rate activities
  • Associate risks & controls
  • Set thresholds and determine SOP requirements
  • Quickly identify under mitigated risks and make resourcing decisions


  • Training distribution by employee positions

  • Required training and optional material availability

  • Supports all media types

  • Web based or classroom delivery supported

  • Automatic training reminders via email

  • Statistics & reports available for all organizational levels


  • Document / media revision control

  • Document review management

  • Interactive testing module

  • Certificate and licensing management


  • Custom inspection templates

  • Assign individuals or groups to inspection tasks

  • Schedule inspections for an entire year to guarantee you meet your obligations

  • Spawn inspection findings and create containment tasks and assignments directly

  • Manage and report inspection completion

  • Analyze inspection trends through dashboard reporting

Incident Reporting

  • Via any web enabled device

  • Attach materials of any media type

  • Notifications issued based on incident type

  • Private incident submissions

  • Associate and adjust risk ratings based on incident reports

  • Spawn corrective actions directly from incidents

  • Analyze key performance metrics through dashboard reports

Task Management

  • Create tasks and subtask assignments to drive completion

  • Manage access to critical information throughout the organization

  • Automatic task notifications to those who need to participate

  • Web based delivery supported

  • Automatic reminders via email

  • Manage process and timing


  • Manage user ID & employee positions

  • Differentiated business units and departments

  • Email access and distribution

  • Web based delivery supported

API Framework

  • Compliance Science is truly a management platform. With our API platform, companies can leverage the benefits of Compliance Science and integrate it into your existing process. Typical integrations include HR systems and ERP’s

  • Leverage existing data / systems

  • Push and pull data flow

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